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Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for SEO


safecont-rhino-angryThe number of factors involved in determining the positioning of a website is very high. The correlation between positioning factors makes this process even more complicated. Technology is making huge advances and a greater number of variables are needed to provide users with more accurate results. This makes SEO analysis more complicated and the essential tools for working with so much data are machine learning algorithms.
Safecont gives you hundreds of thousands of summarised mathematical calculations to make use easier and adapt to the new era of SEO and Artificial Intelligence.

Analyze the quality of your content

The quality of website content used to be difficult to measure due to the number of factors involved in determining such quality.
Content issues are very common and trigger a host of problems for websites, loss of traffic or penalties.
Safecont estimates the likelihood of your domain being penalised by search engines.
What’s more, it tells you which parts of your website are creating the most issues so you can have a more specific vision when solving errors within your site.


Penalties or problems arising from the content of a website are common. Pandarisk is a set of algorithms that provides an at-a-glance assessment of the URLs you are analysing and estimates the likelihood of being penalised.

Main issues that you’ll be able to solve


Duplicate or overly similar content within the website leading to positioning issues. Safecont also gives you a detailed view of which parts of your website are causing more issues.

External duplicate of content from your website on other sites which may have copied your content or have very similar content to yours due to a particular issue.

Issues concerning thin, recurrent, low or poorly distributed content.


Web architecture and power categorisation of each depth level of the website thanks to Pagestrength and relevance analysis of each URL of the website.

Save time and make your work more efficient

Safecont tests let you analyse thousands of URLs in a flash. It offers you a wealth of summarised and organised data so you can focus your efforts on where the issues actually are on the website you’re analysing, making your work more efficient.