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New feature: CRAWL STATS a free SEO crawler with Safecont

We are pleased to announce that we bring news and this does not stop.
It is already official the launch of “CRAWL STATS”, you have available and completely free of charge a crawler included in all Safecont accounts. 

A new tab appears in your user dashboard. Once you update or launch an analysis, you will have information and data on crawling, with listings for each type of URL, and other metrics. Until you update your analysis, the data will not appear.
In the main screen of the tab you will see “Crawled stats” a summary of the state of the domain with a pie chart and some very interesting information:

Unique indexable pages

Non-indexable pages

Pages that give a code other than 200 (301, 302, 404, 500, …)


Crawlable pages over the limit that you have put to the analysis (you may have launched an analysis on 5,000 urls, but our crawler has found more pages)

And a great novelty our Crawl Score: A metric created by us, which evaluates the difficulty that bots find to crawl our domain and find all the indexable urls, taking out a single metric weighted by the weight of each level according to importance. Further down on the same page, you have the “Crawled URLs per level” graphic where you have the information of each depth level.

All this information is downloadable in CSV where you will have many more details with which to work as your index / follow status, where the url was found, where it points, status code, your pagerisk, similarity, pagerank, hub value, authority value, the semantic cluster to which it belongs, and much more:

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Then you will find 3 boxes with more information:

Non indexed URLs: With information of redirections, noindex and other circumstances that can make a page not indexable. Clicking on any will go to the detail page with the full list of urls that compose it and other relevant data.

Non 200 status URLs: Where